In addition to providing as an emergency homeless shelter for San Mateo County and Santa Clara County, we also offer Transitional/Supportive Housing Program. This is a 120-day program that is intended to deal with the systemic issues related to homelessness. More
Dignity on Wheels is a mobile hygiene outreach program that provides free showers and laundry service for the homeless living in encampments, rotating shelters, in their vehicles or other temporary spaces where they do not have access to such amenities. More
H.O.P.E. Jobs is a program that offers WeHOPE clients and the general community with free certification courses to become a Security Guard or Custodial Technician. The classes are taught by nationally certified instructors within their professional industry. More

Healthy, Employed, Housed and Married!

Every love story is unique. It can take you places you never expected. This is true in the lives of former Project WeHOPE clients Kim and Miguel.

Kim and Miguel lived in Mexico until a fire burned down their home leaving them homeless and without
resources to rebuild. More

Stories of Hope: Are We Really Up To This?

“Are you really up to this?”

That was Liliko Ngata, 41, on a recent Saturday afternoon in East Palo Alto. Liliko and I were at Project WeHOPE (a local homeless shelter), doing laundry for residents. She – a resident herself – had been guiding me through the process, but I was laughably incompetent; I assumed she was questioning my ability to fold bedsheets. Alas, her question’s meaning was far more profound.
My starry-eyed perception of charity had faded that day, after just one hour of washing underwear.


Dignity on Wheels Provides Emergency Service in Santa Rosa

Designed to serve homeless men, women and families, Project WeHOPE’s Dignity on Wheels mobile showers, washers and dryers have been called into emergency action for both U.S. National Guard soldiers proving essential support to the communities affected by the wildfires in Sonoma County and people who were already homeless and were displaced by the fire. More