Our Mission

The mission of Project WeHOPE is to help the unhoused, homeless and those at-risk in rebuilding their lives through a customized Supportive Housing Program customized to the needs of each client.

Project WeHOPE is an acronym for We Help Other People Excel, and we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization located in the City of East Palo Alto, California. Through our devotion to helping others, our long-term goal is to help improve the health of East Palo Alto by helping others overcome the critical issues facing homelessness and poverty in our cities.

paster-bainsAs a third generation Pastor, a spirit of hope and a heart for the homeless burned inside me since I was young. I have spent 90% of my life in East Palo Alto, and my father was notorious for giving five dollars bills to those in need as he served in our beloved city.

Through a generous donation by San Mateo County, Project WeHOPE opened our doors of hope in the Winter of 2009, and have served hundreds of homeless during the coldest six months of the year ever since. This year, we are embarking on the next phase of our dream – to build a year-round shelter right here in East Palo Alto – the first of its kind and a long time coming!

For a cost of $45 per day, we provide food, shelter, shower and laundry facilities, and case management for each client at the Warming Shelter. Won’t you partner with us to provide poor, sick and broken families with the help they need, today?

Thank you for your time, talent and treasure. It’s holiday season again and the needs are growing every day. We can only bear this burden further with your continued support.

Paul Bains