Project WeHOPE Administrative and Operational Staff

Paul Bains, Co-Founder President
Pastor Paul Bains is a third generation Pastor, who grew up with a spirit of hope and a heart for the homeless burning inside since he was young. He is also an entrepreneur who owned and operated BFM for 15 years. As a business owner he has managed up to 111 employees at a given time. This means that he oversaw the daily operations, set and maintained budgets of up to $5,000,000. Further, he has been a property manager for 13 years. In addition he maintained the organization of the business.

DSC_0106Paul and Cheryl Bains started and launched Project WeHOPE in 1999. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable people in our community. The mission began as way to empower youth through education and violence prevention.

In 2009, after seeing a pillow on a bike rack outside of his office, he recognized the need for a homeless shelter in East Palo Alto. Through the help of supporters and San Mateo County, Paul and his wife Cheryl founded the WeHOPE Shelter. This 55 bed shelter began as an emergency warming shelter open during inclement weather has now evolved into a year-round supportive housing/emergency shelter which offers on-site life skills classes, anger management, 12-step recovery, communications, financial education, health and nutrition, art therapy, and exercise classes.

Cheryl Bains, Co-Founder & Human Resources Director
Cheryl is the co-Founder and current Human Resources Director of Project WeHOPE. She also oversees the Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser for the shelter and St. Samuel’s Church, also located in East Palo Alto.

Alicia Garcia, Associate Director
AGarciaAlicia Garcia has successfully overseen the daily operations of the shelter, hired and trained staff, organized activities and events, implemented our programs and services, launched our transitional/supportive housing program, and written and managed grants for Project WeHOPE. Prior to working for Project WeHOPE, Alicia was the Executive Administrator for the John Perkins Center, Assistant Dean of Student Services and Campus Life Director at Patten University from 2001 – 2012. She holds a M.A. in Organizational Leadership and teaches business and financial literacy for Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. She is highly organized, performs a lot of volunteer work, and sits on several boards. She has owned a successful event planning business for 12 years and is a licensed event planner. She has received several awards and recognition.

Cynthia Corpuz, Marketing Director
CCorpuzCynthia is the Marketing Director for Project WeHOPE, and manages everything from developing fundraising and marketing campaigns, online communications, events and content production for the website.  With a degree in Journalism from the University of Southern California, Cynthia comes to Project WeHOPE with over 12 years experience in online and content marketing for start-ups and non-profit organizations, working for companies such as the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, Fox Sports, and While working for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, she received the EPPY Awards, Best in the West Award, and Edgie Award for her work in managing and executing various online investigative journalism interactive sites. In her spare time she coaches competitive youth volleyball and likes to experiment with new recipes in her kitchen.

Anita Blount, Dignity on Wheels Program Manager
Anita is a veteran of the US Air Force. She is a highly skilled program manager. She has worked for Fed Ex for 10 years and was promoted to team leader. She has overseen employees in all aspects of the sort. She conducted prework meetings, communicated expectations, provided daily task assignments, reassigned resources as need, ensured safety equipment was made available, as well as ensured employees had operational equipment to complete their assigned tasks. She coached and trained employees to ensure proper protocol and compliance was followed. Prior to this, she was a testing coordinator for Synergy School. She implemented programs and systems that helped increase the success and of this school through coordination with State and local agencies. She holds an AA in Liberal Studies, an AS in Medical Assistant, and is a licensed event planner.

Christina Wolf, Case Manager

Joshua Gonzalez, IT & Security Manager

Joe Harper, Facilities & Fleet Manager

Carnell Simon, Social Media Coordinator

Nakia Davis, Executive Assistant to President, Office Manager

Joyce Genevero, Shelter Kitchen Cook & Manager

Dignity on Wheels Staff
John Sampson, Driver
Paul Tunison, Driver and Site Outreach
Mario Fuentes, Driver
Ricardo Nava, Case Manager and Outreach
Jaime Perez, Site Outreach

Shelter Staff
Jasmine Williams, Shelter Supervisor
Jeffrey Moore, Residential Services Coordinator
Sarah Dunn, Residential Services Coordinator
James Wolf, Residential Services Coordinator
William Bronson, Residential Services Coordinator
Brittani Veley, Residential Services Coordinator

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