Stories of Hope: Are We Really Up To This?

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“Are you really up to this?”

That was Liliko Ngata, 41, on a recent Saturday afternoon in East Palo Alto. Liliko and I were at Project WeHOPE (a local homeless shelter), doing laundry for residents. She – a resident herself – had been guiding me through the process, but I was laughably incompetent; I assumed she was questioning my ability to fold bedsheets. Alas, her question’s meaning was far more profound.
My starry-eyed perception of charity had faded that day, after just one hour of washing underwear.

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Dignity on Wheels Provides Emergency Service in Santa Rosa

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Designed to serve homeless men, women and families, Project WeHOPE’s Dignity on Wheels mobile showers, washers and dryers have been called into emergency action for both U.S. National Guard soldiers proving essential support to the communities affected by the wildfires in Sonoma County and people who were already homeless and were displaced by the fire. Read More

Graduation: August 10/2017

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Hired before Graduation

One of the giant steps for homeless clients at Project WeHOPE is landing a job. Yet for 27 members of the 2017 graduating classes, it was goal achieved, including many who were hired for positions that they would begin after completing their trainings. “We specifically target job training and certification in high demand sectors including custodial technician, security officer and food handler,” said Alicia Garcia, Associate Director of Project WeHOPE and head of the HOPE Jobs training program.

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Dead & Company Action Day: Bay Area

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Dead & Company and Positive Legacy are very proud to announce our three action days along the 2017 Summer Tour. Positive Legacy’s mission is to integrate music and service to benefit people and the environment! That’s exactly the impact we will be creating in East Palo Alto, for the Bay Area event. All volunteers will receive lunch, limited edition Positive Legacy/Dead & Company hat, one FREE download of any show in the extensive catalog, live music courtesy of local musicians and the feeling of satisfaction from giving back to the local community. Your donation goes towards any supplies and materials needed to help perform the days of service. Read More


California has a 2017 population of 39.5 million, with more people coming to the state than the migration of those leaving. The housing bubble of 2008, and the ensuing crash that followed with combination of the stiff bay area housing regulations created the housing crisis that it is. Which is a combination of unaffordability and unit shortage in mostly high populated areas. According to the State Housing and Community Development Department, California needed 180,000 new homes each year over the past decade Read More

Refining Youth Homelessness

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The Homeless Children and Youth Act was reintroduced this week in Congress by Stivers and other sponsors, including Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, also a Republican. First proposed in 2014, the bipartisan bill is again dividing advocates for the homeless.

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Volunteering @ Project WeHOPE

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There’s more than one way to make a difference, and volunteering is a great way to donate your time to helping any number of Project WeHOPE programs. Even Volunteering your skills, from contracting, accounting, to arts and etc. Enquire how you can make a difference and invest your time in your bay area community, sign up to volunteer today !
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Bay Area Section 8 and Housing Vouchers

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Using Section 8 vouchers to help pay rent, is becoming harder when landlords decide to leave the program. The way the Section 8 program works is voucher-holders pay what they can afford about 30 percent of their income and then the voucher pays the rest. Read More

Santa Clara County prepares for major housing boom

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Home construction along Loma Verde Avenue and West Bayshore Road. Palo Alto Weekly file photo credit.

Decisions on where to place Measure A’s low-income and homeless housing funds in county


Santa Clara County is moving quickly on a plan to build thousands of new homes for the county’s low-income and homeless residents. And while most of the county’s new Measure “A” housing bond will go towards helping the lower income residents first, one big question still remains: where’s the space to put all of that housing?At the Feb. 7 Board of Supervisors meeting, county officials revealed the series of objectives that they intend on meeting with the $950 million in bond funds, approved by voters last year. The set of goals laid out major priorities for building new units for people who are homeless or making less than 30 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI) which is roughly $33,500 for a family of four.

In the plans the county will set out to build 4,200 units for these extremely low-income renters, said Miguel Marquez, chief operating officer for the county. These units will include a mix of supportive housing designed to help both the chronically homeless and families who are at risk of homelessness but are able to get back on their feet relatively quickly.

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