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Current offered positions:

Custodial Technician Certification

Cleaning Management InstituteThe Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) offers an eight-week course for a Custodial Technician Certification. Participants receive hands-on instruction in using commercial equipment, the latest in cleaning techniques, proper handling of chemicals and tools. Classes are taught by experts with over 37-years of experience.

About: The Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) is a professional society dedicated to education, training and career improvement for the facility maintenance industry.

Duration: 8 Weeks
Class is once a week, 3-hours each

Type of Certification: Level 1 and Level 2 Custodial Technician Certification

Guard Card Certification

McGrew-and-Associates-Inc_1The McGrew and Associates, Inc., offer a course for those interested in becoming security officers in the State of California. Individuals who successfully complete the course receive a Guard Card Level 1 and are provided Live Scan Fingerprint process for free. Classes will be held at Project WeHOPE.

About: McGrew and Associates, Inc. is a full service investigative and security consulting firm with over 100 years of experience.

Duration: 4 Weeks
Class is once a week, 3-hours each.
Final class is 6-hrs with certification test.

Type of Certification: Guard Card Level 1. Qualifies for security guard jobs throughout California.