Project WeHOPE, in Partnership with several agencies takes a holistic approach to ending homelessness utilizing the following components.


Secure Futures provides financial literacy training to all of our clients in our transitional program. This training includes providing savings accounts, educating them on savings, credit, interest rates, bill paying, credit scores, and rebuilding credit. In addition, our clients have the opportunity to obtain a Secure Master Card to assist them in building their credit immediately upon completion of the class. Further, this class helps clients that may not be able to open bank accounts due to their past banking experience, open a savings account at a credit union, so they will have a secure place to put their money.


Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step program for people struggling with pain that need help and healing. This program is designed to help people struggling with substance abuse issues or other issues that have caused great pain in their lives.


Ravenswood Clinic provides TB tests, medical appointments, dental assistance, flu shots, and assistance with medication to our clients.

HIP Housing

HIP Housing is a shared housing program that helps us match our clients that are ready for shared housing with other people who may be a potential match based on specific criteria. This enables our clients that have smaller incomes the opportunity to qualify for housing.


Job Train will come to our facility to offer employment support through teaching interview skills, resume writing assistance, and job search assistance.

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Healthy Relationships California is an organization that provides communication skills to married couples and singles. The purpose of this program is to promote the health and welfare of interpersonal relationships utilizing communications skills. This 16 hour class encompasses written information in conjunction with practical application.