There are many ways individuals, small business, organizations and corporations can help Project WeHOPE.

Volunteering at least two hours of your time is one of the most popular ways individuals or small groups help out Project WeHOPE. The annual July 4th BBQ, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner and gift-wrapping are our most popular events where volunteers help set up, cook and serve food to the many clients of Project WeHOPE.

During Christmas time volunteers wrap hundreds of toys and put together gift packages, which are given out to children and young adults at a local church. Smaller volunteer opportunities come up every month, so if you are interested in volunteering at Project WeHOPE, then contact us right away.

Another way you can help Project WeHOPE is by donating small, every-day goods and essentials, such as old blankets, un-used personal care items (i.e. shampoos, soaps, etc), paper plates, cups and utensils, cleaning supplies and even office supplies. Donated goods allow Project WeHOPE to provide services for the many clients that spend the night or use the facilities.

And of course, you can always help Project WeHOPE by donating as a tax-deductible monetary contribution. For every $25 donated you will be helping feed up to 8 people per day, and the more you give the more we can help provide a clean and safe place to sleep. Your contributions also help us provide life programs that help clients get back on their feet.

Every penny counts!

Schedule A Recurring Donation For At Least $10/Month


For a monthly contribution of as little as $10, you are providing Project WeHOPE clients (transitional and emergency) staying at the WeHOPE Shelter ongoing access to: Take a hot shower each night; Wash their clothes using washer and dryer machines on-site; Access to case managers or informational specialists; Opportunity to take advantage of educational classes, and other special programs and services; Finally, the opportunity to feel human and loved again. Or take advantage of our other giver programs. Are you A Giver, The Good Samaritan, The Humanitarian or True Philanthropist?

The Giver: $10/ month provides a hot meal for three adults (only $120/year)
The Good Samaritan: Donate $25/month provides a hot meal for eight people (equals to $300 / year)
The Humanitarian: $50/month provides a warm place to sleep and food for one person (equals to $600/year)
True Philanthropist: $100 / month provides a warm place to sleep and food for two people (equals to $1200/year)

Transitional Supportive Housing Program


The Transitional/Supportive Housing program is a unique Project WeHOPE 120-day program that is intended to deal with the systemic issues related to homelessness. This program was developed to assist individuals with an income to receive a hand up. Clients entering this program take a series of classes, set weekly goals, meet weekly with his or her case manager, participate in a mandatory savings program, do daily housing searches, and are a positive role model for emergency clients. Donations are used to help pay for classes, daily shelter overhead, staffing, any application fees associated with housing, transportation assistance, etc.

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